Why Do The Rich Have More “Immunity” To Long Covid?

Sep 20, 2022 | Macro Insights, No Bull Economics


Long covid (symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, depression & anxiety) is receiving increasing press coverage as it relates to workforce shortages.

A recent US Census survey asked respondents that tested positive for covid if they had symptoms that lasted 3+ months (i.e. long covid). The results show that almost half of those with annual incomes of $25k or less reported long-lasting symptoms vs. just over 15% of those earning over $200k.

What is the impact of financial stress as it relates to long covid type symptoms? It seems that lower-income people struggling with record gas, food & rent inflation may be more prone to some of the same symptoms outlined above. In any case, the data suggests that it might be appropriate to study the health impact on the vulnerable from economic conditions. 

Covid Symptoms Graph

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