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RR leverages its extensive network of industry players to generate unit level benchmarking data & industry concept analyses with a focus on $1B+ chains.

Profiting Clients

An RR Subscription benefits our clients by providing them with cost-effective due diligence based upon our proprietary data and analyses. RR helps clients to make profitable decisions while minimizing their risks of making uniformed decisions because of incomplete information.

Building Bridges between Franchisees, Franchisors, & Financiers

Concept Reports

Restaurant Research provides Concept Reports on the largest and most important industry players.

Concept Report – Table of Contents

Concept Report Table of Contents

Concept Benchmark Coverage

Concept Benchmark Coverage

Additional Concepts in Industry Data Reports

Additional Concepts in Industry Data Reports

Industry Data Reports

Industry Data Reports

Additional Client Services

Syndicated Reports

Need a Concept Benchmark Report outside of RR’s core coverage?

Contact us and we will seek out other interested clients willing to share the cost of underwriting these one-off reports.

Financial Solutions

Are you a franchisor interested in development? License our reports and distribute them to your leads.

If we don’t cover your brand, RR can initiate coverage so you can have a Concept Report to share with leads and lenders.

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