Meet The Team

Meet the team that is working together to bring you 15 second posts to help you make sense of your financial world.

Phil Mangieri

Research Director

Phil founded NBE Media LLC (holding company for in 2022, serving as Research Director while also working at Restaurant Research (which he co-founded in 2000). Restaurant Research has grown into a trusted source of benchmarking analyses of the largest restaurant chains with clients that include the brands themselves, leading franchise finance players, large multi-unit franchisees, Wall Street analysts, private equity players active in the space and countless vendors that serve as important parts of the franchise finance eco system. Restaurant Research has also developed a large, research-based email marketing platform which provides key analyses and information to a large and growing audience.

Matt Mangieri

Research Analyst

Matt is a recent graduate of Ohio University where he graduated with honors with a dual major in Finance and Business Analytics. Before joining NBE Media, Matt worked as a financial analyst intern during his last semester at OU at the Fortune 500 company Westlake Chemicals Corp. Matt has his hands full researching story ideas, conducting financial analyses and handling the web, emails and social media.

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