TraffiCast: January 2020

Jan 10, 2020 | TraffiCast

Forward Looking Consumer Survey with 1,500 Respondents

Spending Fatigue & Prospect of War = ↓

  • RR’s Intent to Eat Out Index (planned expenditures over the next month) fell-off sharply in our survey of 1,500 consumers which was just completed on the heels of a military escalation with Iran.
  • Survey results may also reflect consumers strapped for cash after spending on the Christmas season although it is notable that our Intent to Eat Out Index declined -3.5% on a y/y basis.
  • Results could also reflect a substantial spike higher in the average price of QSR promotions from November to December (see chart below).
  • In any case, FSR is pivoting strongly towards value with the segment’s average promotion price dropping from over $10 a couple of months ago to close to $8 currently.
  • Click here for info on how to order the RR Promotion Tracker Tool.


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