RR’s 3Q19 Presentation

Jan 5, 2020 | Investor Briefs

  • 3Q19 comps definitely received a boost from menu price & mix increases which more than offset continued traffic losses driven by lost wallet share as consumers spend more on things like entertainment, delivery expenses (in our opinion) and expenditures to keep-up with ramping inflation for necessities like education & insurance.

  • While digital & off-premise continues to take center stage during the investor calls, metrics for these nascent channels are sometimes hard to come by.

3Q19 Digital & Delivery Overview

Casual 3Q19 Highlights

Bragging rights = less negative traffic


Family 3Q:19 Highlights

No escaping value

Burger 3Q:19 Highlights

Upscale positioning allows higher prices

Pizza 3Q:19 Highlights

1st mover advantage in delivery & value wearing-off

Chicken 3Q:19 Highlights

Wings have nothing on the sandwiches

Coffee 3Q:19 Highlights

Coffee snobs are the only ones spending

Mexican 3Q:19 Highlights

Chipotle & Taco Bell make the segment look good

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