Retail Companies Best Positioned For Growth

Jun 25, 2024 | Macro Insights, No Bull Economics

Ranking 75+ Retail Companies on Capex

We recently discussed how the $1B+ national restaurant chains have been steadily losing share to local independent restaurants by focusing on cost-cutting. The best way to identify growth-minded retail companies is by analyzing how much they are investing in their business (capex/revenue) and how much they are generating on these investments (return on capital). We like the companies that are outperforming on both counts.

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  • We start by ranking the 75+ retail companies under our coverage by return on capital. Next, we calculate what % of total revenues these companies invest in capital expenditures (a higher capex allocation reflects a more bullish management perspective on their company’s growth prospects).   
  • Those companies that are outperforming the group medians are highlighted below in blue & represent management teams with the best internal growth prospects. Please note this does not constitute a stock recommendation…    

Consumer Company Return on Capital Rank Chart

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