Record Total Halloween Spend Expected by NRF

Oct 25, 2023 | Macro Insights, No Bull Economics

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If consumers are strapped for cash, you couldn’t tell by their Halloween spending plans, with expectations for a record-high participation rate and a big spike in adult costume spending. Apparently, people are looking for a party to forget their financial woes and any excuse will do…

Highlights From NRF’s Post

  • Total Halloween spending is expected to reach a record $12.2B, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. A record number of people (73%) will participate in Halloween-related activities this year, up from 58% during covid.
  • The top ways consumers are planning to celebrate are: handing out candy (68%); decorating their home or yard (53%); or dressing in costume (50%). However, in a return to pre-covid norms, more consumers also plan to throw or attend a party (32%) or take their children trick-or-treating (28%).
  • Per person spending is also up as consumers plan to spend a record $108.24 each with the greatest increase in spending coming from costumes, which are more popular than ever (especially among adults that may be trying to escape back to their youth – our take).
Halloween Spending Graphs

Source: NRF | Halloween Spending to Reach Record $12.2 Billion as Participation Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels

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