Part 3: Analyzing Performance of Low-Income Oriented Retail Companies

Sep 11, 2023 | Macro Insights, No Bull Economics

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We created an index for the financial performance of 5 low-income oriented retail companies to assess the health of this demo. While we recognize that these companies have benefited from the trade-down of higher-income consumers, things look reasonable at least through calendar 2Q23. 


  • Our index measuring the quarterly financial performance for 5 low-income-oriented retail companies includes: Dollar General; Dollar Tree; Big Lots; Casey’s; and Denny’s.
  • While 2Q23 trends diminished, it is notable that current revenue growth & margins remain generally comparable to pre-covid levels except for Big Lots which is finally recovering from supply chain challenges and marketing miscues which became apparent during 2Q22.    
Low-Income Oriented Retail Company Median Performance Graph

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