Remodel 2022

Dec 27, 2022 | Insights, Restaurant Research

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Report Coverage:

Remodel data and analysis on 50+ national chains, including: (1) remodel progress/system condition; (2) investment costs; (3) post remodel sales increases; (4) franchisor remodel incentives; and (5) program scope.

Key Points:

14 of the 55 $1B+ chains (25%) have recently introduced, modified, or are testing new remodel programs. In any case, the chains are presently focused on implementing facility upgrades which better accommodate off-premise sales with elements such as: double drive-thrus; separate pick-up areas; 2nd make lines dedicated to online & delivery orders; digital menu boards to facilitate app integration & suggestive selling; and contactless payment options. While a slow remodel cadence continued during 2022 (because of unprecedented building material cost inflation and supply chain issues), remodel investments are expected to accelerate over the next few years.

Remodel Progress Chart
Remodel Progress Chart

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