Buying a Car is Becoming as Challenging as a House Purchase

Oct 25, 2023 | Macro Insights, No Bull Economics

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Unrelenting borrowing costs continue to make buying new & used cars a challenge for many consumers, according to Edmunds. This is why we need a rate cut as discussed in this post.

Edmunds Post Highlights

  • The new-vehicle APR (car loan rate) increased +1.7% from 2Q23 to 7.4%, while used-vehicle rates jumped +2.2% to 11.2%.
  • Notably, both new & used APRs reached points not seen since the Great Recession (new-vehicle APR at 7.5% in 2Q07 & used-vehicle APR at 11.4% in 4Q07).
  • The share of consumers who financed a new vehicle with a monthly payment of $1k+ increased to a new all-time high of 17.5% and the average monthly payment on a new vehicle reached an all-time peak of $736.
  • The average down payment for used vehicles reached a record $4,111 high, and correspondingly, the average amount financed for both new & used vehicles declined slightly to $40,149 & $29,328, respectively.
  • Edmunds noted that the ongoing UAW strike could wipe out any domestic inroads made on inventory while also preventing the return of incentives, further elevating pricing.
  • Notably, 0% financing deals reached a peak in 2Q20 at a 24% mix & has subsequently declined to just 1.1% of 3Q23 transactions.
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Source: New-vehicle Monthly Payments Climb to New Heights in Q3, According to Edmunds | Edmunds

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