TraffiCast: Forward Looking Consumer Survey

Feb 11, 2020 | TraffiCast

Forward Looking Consumer Survey with 1,500 Respondents

25 – 34 Year Old Demo Leads the Way

  • RR’s Intent to Eat Out Index (planned expenditures over the next month) rebounded in our survey of 1,500 consumers after last month’s sharp drop-off which was completed on the heels of a military escalation with Iran.
  • Current results, which increased +20 bps y/y, were driven by strength in the 25-34 age demo.
  • Overall results also benefit from less plans to curtail eating-out (i.e there is less overall negativity).
  • Notably, there was a convergence in y/y change for average promotional prices as QSR pivoted lower while FSR moved higher.
  • Click here for info on how to order the RR Promotion Tracker Tool.

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