Setting Some Simple Macroeconomic Objectives

Apr 10, 2024 | Finconomics 101, No Bull Economics

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After the full eclipse passed across the U.S., our thinking suddenly cleared, and we came up with a list of macroeconomic objectives that would be good for Uncle Sam to pursue.

Simple Macroeconomic Objectives for the U.S.A

  • Balance the budget by restructuring & sharply reducing the federal bureaucracy. This will require our elected leaders to humbly accept that the U.S. government has a limited role to play in our country, and especially, our world.   
  • Balance trade. We need to onshore our supply chain for obvious reasons and this will go a long way to reducing our perpetual trade deficit. We should determine to never import more from any country than we export to them.
  • Add stability by de-centralizing the economy through the promotion of small businesses.
  • Reduce the regulatory burden on businesses.
  • Change the U.S. healthcare focus from expensive & many times undependable pharmacology solutions to an affordable focus on diet, nutrition, exercise, education, and prevention.
  • Pursue new food tech like hydroponics which can provide clean & locally grown produce.
  • Pursue new energy tech like hydrogen fuel cells which offer the U.S. with a very realistic opportunity to become energy-independent by leveraging a robust, affordable & decentralized energy production model.    
  • Promote affordable housing by encouraging: development outside of expensive metro areas; and remote working arrangements when possible.
  • Reform education by stressing affordable career prep & internships rather than unaffordable liberal art college degrees.
  • Discourage social media & encourage the development of local communities to support mental health.
  • Encourage family formation to jump-start our internal population growth. 

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