RR Dashboard: Oct 2021

Nov 2, 2021 | Dashboard

Same Store Sales Trends

3Q:21 Sales Strength Tempered by Labor Shortage 

  • 16 out of 27 public $1B+ restaurant chains have reported 3Q comps with half of these chains achieving double digit 2 yr. stacked growth and only 3 chains reporting negative comps.
  • Tailwinds include digital, group orders and pricing while headwinds include labor shortages/reduced operating hours and declining post-stimmy consumer strength.

  • Notably, total restaurant industry sales growth improved on a 2-year stacked basis to +11.7% in September (from +8.6% in August) but continues to lag grocery store sales (+19.5%).
  • Grocery stores have ramped-up pricing since July at an increasing rate which makes food-away-from-home more appealing while pressuring disposable income.

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