Retail Company 2Q24 Preview

Jul 8, 2024 | Corporate Insights, No Bull Economics

In this post, we outline the 2Q24 reporting calendar for the 75+ retail companies under our coverage & provide a snapshot of aggregate Wall Street analyst expectations for this group. Notably, analysts are looking for a +3% y/y median revenue growth during the quarter with nearly +6% EBITDA growth as the management teams continue to cut costs in a moderate growth environment. 

July Calendar

  • The 2Q24 reporting season should start strong as outlined below. Most companies are expected to generate healthy top-line growth, with many forecasted to drive double-digit & high-single-digit top-line increases.

July Earnings Calander Financials

August Calendar

  • Revenue growth for the companies reporting in August looks to generally moderate with the exception of strong results expected for fast-growing restaurant chains like Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, RBI & Dutch Bros.  

August Earnings Calander Financials

September Calendar

  • The conclusion of the 2Q24 reporting season looks solid, with high-single-digit sales increases expected for LuLu, Dollar General, Casey’s, Cracker Barrel & United Natural Foods.

September Earnings Calander Financials

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