Relationship Between Sun’s Activity, Earth’s Temperature & the Economy

Jun 5, 2023 | Finconomics 101, No Bull Economics

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The earth appears to be hurtling towards a mini-ice age according to government sun spot forecasts. Let’s keep some fossil fuels around so we provide heating for humanity in anticipation of this!


  • Sunspots are caused by magnetic turbulence in the sun’s interior, signaling changes in solar activity which affects the Earth’s climate.
  • Cycles of grand solar minima & maxima include the Maunder Minimum from 1645 to 1710 when the disappearance of sunspots led to alpine glaciers in Europe encroaching on farmland, frozen canals in the Netherlands & a frozen Thames River in the UK.
  • Notably, the chart below reveals low sunspot activity during the 2009 Great Recession & the period right before the covid lockdowns.
  • However, even more notable is the government’s forecast of a cessation of sunspot activity starting around 2030 when things could become frigid indeed – perhaps marking the beginning of another solar minima cycle.
  • Like Joseph’s dream of an upcoming Egyptian famine back in the days of Pharaoh, now might be a good time for the U.S. to start planning for ways to increase food production and home heating capacity – just in case. 
Sunspots Forecast Graph

Sources: OMNIWeb Data Explorer ( ; Predicted Sunspot Number And Radio Flux | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

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