Part 1: Don’t Kill the Cows, Harvest Their Poop

Jun 12, 2023 | Finconomics 101, No Bull Economics

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At a time when Ireland is planning to kill their cows to save the environment, Toyota has a plant in California that can convert cow manure into hydrogen used to power vehicles.


  • Now is the time for society to pursue new energy tech to meet the world’s needs & it seems like hydrogen fuel cells (which are a great power source for electric vehicles) should be specifically targeted.
  • At first glance, hydrogen seems too good to be true. Fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen in the air to create an electrochemical reaction that produces electricity and harmless water vapor as a byproduct. This hydrogen-oxygen reaction powers rocket engines.
  • Toyota’s Tri-Gen facility in the port city of Long Beach, California will be a 100% hydrogen fuel production plant designed to use bio-waste (like cow manure) sourced from California agricultural waste to generate water, electricity & hydrogen. It is estimated that the plant will generate 2.35 MW of electricity and 1.2 tons of hydrogen per day, providing enough electricity for 2,350 households and fuel to operate 1,500 hydrogen vehicles. The plant will also be equipped with the world’s largest hydrogen fueling station.
  • Notably, Toyota already has a commercially available car for sale (Mirai – “future”) which runs on hydrogen (discussed in our next post). The Americans need to get on this ASAP!

Part 2

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