Understanding Generational Differences in the Workforce

Apr 16, 2024 | Finconomics 101, No Bull Economics

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A very compelling Continuing Ed class we came across provided great insight into how to best deal with generational differences in the workforce. A great quote from the presentation: “Many of the interviewers did not understand my windy path through employment, which is, of course, a characteristic of my generation. They didn’t understand I wasn’t looking for one job for the rest of my life and that I wasn’t looking for money and status.”

Key Points from Dr. Ingrid Provident’s Presentation (see embedded pdf below)

  • It is no longer true that everybody in the workplace is motivated by the same things.
  • Getting the most out of each generation requires flexibility.
  • When companies get it, both the company and the employees win.

Generational Worker Issues

Workforce by Generation

Compelling Messages from Formative Years by Age Demographic

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