4Q20 Same Store Sales

Mar 18, 2021 | Report Announcements

  • 4Q:20 $1B+ Chains same store sales results were down -1.1% which is roughly in line with 3Q:20 results and reflects that October’s strength was mostly off-set by FSR weakness in November & December.
  • Pizza and chicken outperformance is beginning to moderate as we get back to normal. Chicken’s moderation also reflects a difficult y/y compare.

  • Preliminary full year 2020 comps for the $1B+ Chains declined -4.9% (FSR -20.3%/QSR -0.6%).
  • Preliminary total domestic systemwide sales for the $1B+ Chains declined -4.4% to $236B, outperforming a -15.6% decline in total restaurant industry sales to $565B (government data).
  • This resulted in a 4.9% market share gain for the $1B+ Chains, providing strong evidence for the benefits of scale and a franchise model.

Click here for Same Store Sales Report Outline

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