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Unit & Sales Growth Report

• Despite the most difficult operating environment in the industry’s history, gross development increased +2.1%.
• Projected 2021 gross new unit development of +2.7% is slightly above 2019’s +2.6% growth rate.
• 2020 closure rates for the $1B+ chains were much more manageable (-3.7%) than expected.
• Notably, the $1B+ QSR Chains were able to recoup ~10 years of market share losses in 2020.

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RR Insights Journal

• While 2020 was perhaps the industry’s worse year ever, there were definitely winners and losers mixed-in the overall results.
• To this end, relative $1B+ chain outperformance reflected the clear benefit of scale – helping the national brands to pivot around tech, access and marketing in ways which the smaller players were not able to replicate.
• Executive summaries for Wendy’s, Domino’s, and Little Caesar’s.

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4Q20 Investor Call Analysis

● The industry continued an uneven recovery as healthy consumer demand for dine-in occasions was interrupted by vacillating government dine-in restrictions which tightened at year-end.
● Fortunately, restrictions began to ease again at the start of 2021 and, despite some uncooperative weather, 1Q dine-in comps seem to be back on track for recovery.
● QSR had a great year as any chain with a drive-thru made-out ok.

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Unit & Sales Growth

Unit & Sales Growth Report provides a 10-year history for 56 $1B+ chains including: (1) total units; (2) company vs. franchisee ownership; (3) new units; (4) closures; (5) franchise transfers; (6) average units per franchisee by concept; (7) systemwide sales; and (8) system sales market share.

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