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1Q22 Investor Call Summary

1Q:22 investor conference calls indicate staffing and commodity cost challenges somewhat off-set by higher menu prices and increased dine-in business.

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RR Dashboard: Sales Not Keeping Up with Cost Inflation

• Initial 3-year stack comp performance for the $1B+ chains reveal that QSR is still outperforming FSR despite less impressive headline sales numbers for 1Q:22 alone. Going forward prospects are less optimistic as indicated by RR’s recent consumer survey which measures intentions to eat-out over the next month. 
• The BLS Foodstuffs Index notched another all-time high in April and is up +109.3% y/y on a 2-year stacked basis.
• While operators are working hard to lower controllable costs, they cannot drive sales sufficiently to maintain their store-level margins in the current inflationary environment. 

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