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RR Dashboard: Volatile Capital Markets Looking for Fair Value

• Restaurant stocks on average are down -40% from their 52-week high, trading at ~15x EV/EBITDA, as investors continue to struggle to assess the impact of out-of-control inflation on consumers’ ability to maintain their dine-out habits.
• Given current inflation rates, interest rates should be much higher.
• The spread between cap rates and the 10-yr. approached the record low set in April as real estate has become the most attractive asset class to NNN investors.

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RR StockSense

• While relatively weak sector performance over the last 30 days is notable given loosening government restrictions, it may reflect the expiration of stimulus benefits which provided a tailwind over the previous 3 months.
• In any case, the tech sector’s performance (Olo, PAR Tech & Grubhub) was propelled by Olo’s post IPO strength.

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RR StockSense – January 2021

QSR names continue to benefit from an asset-light model which insulate these companies from store-level margin compression. This segment also benefits from healthy post-lockdown performance as strong drive-thru and digital access solutions translate into solid valuation multiples with many stocks trading close to their 52-week highs.

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