Menu & Promotions 2022

Menu & Promotions 2022

Menu & Promotions report provides data for 58 chains including total menu items, promotional mix, new product, average check, daypart and off-premise mix.

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Arby’s is well positioned as a QSR DT player that can serve as a credible alternative to a NY deli, the chain could benefit from strategies to bring its AUV closer to the segment average and more progress in digital.

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• Denny’s unique “America’s Diner” brand positioning provides the promise of everyday value with craveable, indulgent products (comfort food) served around the clock.
• Current sales benefit from off-premise stickiness and incremental sales generated by its 2 new virtual brands (Burger Den & Meltdown).
• Now that Denny’s has largely returned to its 2019 unit-level financial performance, the chain must continue to contemporize by making further progress around lunch and dinner while also leveraging progress around off-premise to extend its reach to a younger demo.

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Arby’s strong and unique positioning is based upon a credible, affordable NY deli format (with a drive-thru) that bakes beef roasts and freshly slices all other roasts in-house to create fast-crafted, made-to-order hot deli sandwiches. “We Have the Meats” lineup includes a full selection of roast beef, beef brisket, corned beef, turkey, chicken & gyro and Arby’s sandwiches are distinguished by generous stacks of quality meat toppings (big, meaty sandwiches) with leading-edge protein variety which extends well beyond Arby’s core roast beef heritage.

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Insights Journal: June 2020

Shrinking menu trends: 1) acceleration of menu declines; 2) larger menus could benefit the most from reductions; 3) operational complexity also driven by LTOs; 4) operational complexity = core menu creep + LTO pace. Using stocks to gauge recovery. Domino’s executive summary.

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Domino’s is very well situated as the largest US pizza chain (#1 delivery & #2 carryout sales dollars) with a 38% domestic share among the top 4 players. Its brand positioning emphasizes leading-edge, digital ordering convenience/speed and seamless payments as opposed to “flavor-of-the-month” LTOs. The brand’s reputation as a delivery leader is reinforced by efforts to promote tech solutions to speed/improve delivery (like GPS tracking, expansion of its AnyWare order platforms & automated delivery cars).

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