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● Mipcap’s Doug McKenzie on lessons learned from 2020.
● Highlights from RR’s Finance & Valuation report is based on survey responses from 50 finance companies.
● RR’s Remodel Report highlights.
● Panera report executive summary.

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Insights Journal: April 2020

This issue of the RR Insights Journal includes: Franchise Finance Perspectives – a compilation of answers to topical questions; Quantifind’s coronovirus social media chatter tracking; executive summaries for Chili’s, Jack in the Box & Jimmy John’s reports.

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Insights Journal: March 2020

• While restaurant stocks have tumbled in what seems like a freefall, it is useful to remember the very long running melt-up that preceded our current situation.
• As evident by the table below, all of the $1B+ chain restaurant stock prices remain significantly higher than the low (from 2011 – 2020).
• Further, the valuation models following suggest it may be reasonable to believe that current prices maybe close to a fair value bottom (assuming no EBITDA for 2020).

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